About - Oxford and Cambridge Club of Zurich

About the Oxford and Cambridge Club of Zurich

Welcome to the Oxford and Cambridge Club of Zurich, an informal network of Oxford and Cambridge graduates residing in the Zurich region. Our club is a vibrant community where members gather for good company, engaging conversations, and the opportunity to forge interesting new connections. Each member is encouraged to organize events that they believe will interest others—whether it be cultural outings, hiking trips, or speaker series.

Membership is open to anyone who has matriculated or held a university appointment at either the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge. If you are looking to join, simply click on "Join Us" in the menu to your left.

Our club is entirely volunteer-run, with elections held annually in September to select our leadership. This structure ensures that all members have a voice in how our club is run and develops over time. We emphasize that while members are free to organize events, these should not be for business purposes, maintaining our focus on community and shared interests.

For those located in western Switzerland, similar networks exist with active chapters in Geneva and Basel the spirit of our community across the region.

Join us to be part of a thriving network of alumni, where you can share experiences, learn, and grow together in a welcoming environment.