History - Oxford and Cambridge Club of Zurich

History of the Oxford and Cambridge Club of Zurich

The Oxford and Cambridge Club of Zurich was established in 2006 by Nick Jacobs, originally known as the Oxford and Cambridge Dining Club of Zurich. It has roots in the Zurich branch of the Cambridge Society, revitalized in October 2002 by Jeevan Sellappah, Lindsey Munro, Anthony Thorn, and Jacobs, who also developed an innovative website to handle the administrative tasks of the club.

Jacobs served as the club’s first president until 2011, after which Rebekka Greminger took over. Under her leadership, which lasted until 2018, the club experienced significant growth, diversified its events, and strengthened its community presence. A new constitution was introduced in 2018 to redefine the club’s governance, with Marie Imbert assuming the presidency thereafter.

Since 2018, the club has grown in popularity and now has over 500 members from both Oxford and Cambridge. It hosts a variety of events that encourage a vibrant community engaged in art, culinary experiences, and topical discussions. Currently led by President Shirly Piperno, the Oxford and Cambridge Club of Zurich continues to be a dynamic hub for alumni in Zurich and the surrounding areas.